Hula Hoop Dreams

     Once upon a time, in a small town that wasn't really known for anything, there was a girl who dreamt of something big. Ashley Russell fell in love with the circus and the idea that it represented - the idea that a human being could create such magic. The biology major then decided that not only was science of the body important, but also the science of art.

     To this end she has devoted herself to the mastery of hula hoop art. One December day, she purchased her first hula-hoop and began to try out some tricks. After finding much success with one hoop, she began to add more and more hoops to the routine and even fire! Now she is a professional performer traveling on the east coast. With a cheerful attitude and a willingness to cater to your needs, Ashley can create a fun routine for any occasion! Need something educational? No problem! With programs anywhere from the importance of being healthy to boosting self-esteem, Ashley has you covered! In the past, she has provided several youth programs on the importance of goal-setting and how to make dreams come true.

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Ashley 'Hoopgirl' Russell.

     Ashley has traveled to Raleigh, Richmond, Va Beach and more! She has performed at festivals like Heart of Virginia and Amelia Day. She has performed at several charitable events including Relay for Life, March of Dimes, Hope Rally, and Red Flag Event. Ashley knows how to bring entertainment to any occasion and nothing can keep her down after all, gravity is just a law made to be broken.

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