Erik Dobell: Mind Invader

     You’ve seen it on TV and read about it in books, but what if it was real?  What if someone could read minds?  Like a real life Sherlock Holmes, Erik Dobell does just that. 


     Imagine thinking of the name of your best friend and having Erik Dobell not only describe this person to you, but pluck that name from your mind letter by letter.  Or imagine somebody so good at reading tells, he not only knows what cards you’re holding but what cards you are thinking of at any given moment. Imagine the feeling of a solid quarter moving and bending in the palm of your hand.    


     Now imagine these feats performed with a mischievous grin and comedic flair that is only possible with The Psychological Chicanery of Erik Dobell.     


     With a client list that includes colleges such as Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University, companies such as Macy’s, Goodyear and the NFL and numerous private events and appearances on TV and radio; Erik Dobell guarantees a world class, professional show that will stun audiences of all ages.      


     If you want an event your guests are going to remember, then you want the Mentalist: ERIK DOBELL

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