John Park: The Funny Waiter

     Are you looking for a comedy waiter act with a spectacular plate spinning finish? Then be sure to check out the Funny Waiter Show. This plate spinner is not a rude waiter. Instead he gets his laughs - as much as any stand up comic or comedian - with original comedy routines involving food, drink, music, and more.

     Also, don't forget to ask about the HOAX WAITER LEAD-IN OPTION during dinner. Based in Toronto and Michigan - Travels Anywhere.


     The Funny Waiter is very proud to present a classic routine some thought was lost to the ages. Plate Spinning! Nine at once! One of the most exciting finales ever has been given a comedy makeover with non-stop laughs.

     Please note: Due to the intense concentration needed for this extravaganza The Funny Waiter will insist that all cell phones be turned off. Did he remember his own?

Click Below to See Him in Action!

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