Mac & the Big Cheese

      Mac and the Big Cheese (The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking show) is a comedy cooking show that combines live stand-up comedy and instructional cooking.  

     This comedy duo, Pat Mac “Mac” and Mike ‘The Big Cheese’ Faverman have over 27 years of stand-up comedy experience between them and dozens of years of cooking expertise as well.  They love to teach people how to prepare delicious and easy recipes in a fun and comedic manner while people are in the outdoors, seen on their DVD series and published best selling cookbook.  If you are not laughing, you are learning at their shows. 


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     This show is fast becoming the most entertaining, hilarious and sought after show across the country.  This is a 45 minute to 1 hour corporate clean show that provides samples of food for the audiences after the show. 

     This show is contoured to children up to seniors.

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