One Man Band

     Picture Dick Van Dyke as Bert in the opening sequence of Mary Poppins, except on steroids, performing a variety of classic songs from the 50’s thru 90’s, while truly rivaling a bands sound of guitar, bass, harmonica, drums and vocal.

     Appearance is a bit comedic playing a back pack drum kit ‘The Contraption’. At first glance, you may think “hokey”. Seeing is believing with this act, all performances and videos are completely live. The acts true niche is a “musical illusion".

     Marc plays a single guitar out-putting both guitar & bass parts. He delivers lead lines via harmonica and vocal. Controlled by feet and arms, he plays a back pack drum kit (AKA The Contraption) pulling off dynamic 16th note rhythms and 32nd note drum fills .


Click Below to See Him in Action!

     Marc may be the most advanced Real One Man Band in the world. With improv comedy and audience’s reaction, no two shows are alike.

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